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 The British Ever Victorious Empire

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“My power will intertwine around your every single thought. In dreams there I will dance, in alliance with the fantastic, then more colorful I, more of the perfect beauty.” Callassa

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Callassa in partnership with a British University

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The Callassa website is the culmination of an IT research project carried out at Sheffield Hallam University UK –  to assist with the design and implementation of a site containing provocative, altogether unique and meaningful content.

It has worked and will continue so to do.

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Introducing Callassa



Here is a place to remain immersed, a magical place and in fullness, a female place.  What other place should there be?  My own thoughts are offered for you to discover.  My thoughts are not from the usual of life, no, not at all, so leave all of that for now and meld with me.

My companions Olga and Elizabeth intend to expand on this content….

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