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A Woman Wakes. Philosophical Thoughts








ISBN 978-1-906503-40-6 Price ten dollars US 

Can you feel my pulsed breathing upon your mind? Can you live in my house or that whose walls are merely thoughts of mankind?

 Prelude by Gay McDonald

 Here are the Philosophical Thoughts. I have included these as they were spoken and are unapologetic and profound thoughts, the thoughts of a woman.

Callassa wants her audience to grow to be a collectivity of people who have felt a very special emotion and want to keep that ingredient alive.

 Life is beautiful regardless of what often transpires in thought and deed. Callassa wants to keep it that way and also to blossom in the minds of the affected audience, blossom into a garden of continual color and where only the most special of all things do transpire 

Callassa is a twenty-first century pre-eminent literary force. Callassa holds fabulous moments never to be forgotten for those who touch her words because thereafter, lives beauty beyond compare.

A Woman Wakes. The Philosophical Thoughts are in sequence: Callassa / 1 – 486

Price: £6.20

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Catriona’s House









Regnum Defende

(Secret Intelligence Service. SIS)

SIS Catrionas House Callassa frontispeace

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ISBN 978-1906503123. regd. copyright (c) 2013 All rights reserved.
230 pages. cost; $10 US. 6.20 British pounds one pdf file.

This introduction was written by Elizabeth McDonald

CATRIONA’S HOUSE is a detailed, day by day account of briefings attended by three UK intelligence operatives (SIS). Albert Lawrence is the principal character. He and two others are ex-police officers, who, while engaged upon an investigation were brought into contact with***************** Thus, they were invited to join a covert organization whose remit was the management of this ****************and named; Project Miranda. None of the operatives were given a brief that involved an explication of Project Miranda until they had been introduced to the realities of ***********************. Also, during which they were offered scenarios for discussion that were peripheral and pertinent.

Catriona’s House is set in mansion within rural surroundings, named The Sycamores. This is in the county of North Yorkshire, England. It is a mansion used by the UK Secret Intelligence Services for the base of project that has no agenda that an outside party could read, no operatives who own identities, nor plans held in databases.



Here is an excerpt from Catriona’s House.

Location: The Sycamores. Scenario: The briefings. The head of the group Stephen Lewis (MI6) has taken over from Major Gareth Lea, late of Intelligence Corps, now MI6 and is addressing a question put to him concerning the efficacy of Project Miranda within*******************************

Regd. copyright (c) 2013 All rights reserved

callassa mata hari three

“…’terrorism’ is the knife edge of hatred. It cuts where it can and does so very deeply. Nuclear weapons are not used, though obviously they could be. The effects of terrorism are horrendous and they leave infection behind. Some would argue that the affecting of rigidly held convictions would not touch extremist movements, in the same way that military, diplomatic and political efforts do not. Who we are up against are steeped in old hatreds and is constantly emerging in different forms…” Stephen Wyndham-Lewis

Excerpt one

“Delusion and the capacity to destroy,” were Stephen’s loudly spoken words. “They produce a very somber picture in the imagination. Yes, there exist varying degrees of delusion and those that compete and do also overlap. Our introductory remit is to view all perceptions that make for justification of the ownership and deployment of the means to destroy. In very general and diluted terms our task ahead is to***********************************We have examined notions of hatred and intolerance already. We have spoken of the logistical necessity that we face in identifying complex clusters, interactions, the inputs and outputs. This engages the work of many other departments and with their gathered intelligence, we are provided with exactly what we need. We are going beyond the assertion, forgive me for rephrasing it, that, ‘to know is to be in control.’ We do know, because we can, but what we intend within the notion of control, is qualitatively different than the expected, the well rehearsed and often put into practice. Gentlemen, speak to me.”

Sir,” came Mick Speight, “Sir…Is it that we are homing in on certain sectors of ….society?  *******************************

“Yes and no. Yes, because it be specific sectors of society who threaten us and no, because to put it simply, we are not sympathetic to any. Gentlemen, we cannot be sympathetic and you must realize that this is how you will feel. There are sections within certain collectivities who want to destroy us. There are those who do not wish to destroy us, but who would given the appropriate preconditions. There are those who don’t want to harm us but who still harbor the means to do so. It is very obvious whom our main focus is upon, but not exclusively so. Albert?”

“Those who hate us and want to destroy us, these are our main focus group.”
“Yes, Albert. Good. Why do they hate us?”
“Because they are deluded, their delusion feeds their hatred. They have the means to act and to realize their goal which is mass murder and mayhem.”
“Gentlemen, is there anyone here who can envisage a civilization freed of deluded tendencies?”
“No,” said Albert. “I think not. There never has been.”
“Why? You must attend to the fact that our closest ally shares our soil and absolutely everything else.” was Stephen’s remark.
“Because some other delusion will emerge, though I can’t think of one more powerful and binding than that inspired by supposed sacred texts.” I can’t comment on the CIA. Sorry.”
“So you are saying that in the absence of, ********************** delusion, there would still remain the capacity and will to destroy us? Just consider the word ‘capacity’ and ‘us’ would you and in relation to what I said regarding instinct, the biological predisposition to act.”

 callassa mata hari two

Excerpt two

The long garden could easily be appreciated from this window and through where Albert’s eyes were being cast. The garden was pleasing to the mind, to look, to listen, to feel. The natural blooming acted upon him as did Catriona’s smile. The garden is a beautiful woman, voluptuous, responding, loving. It crossed Albert’s mind that there were those who looked yonder, but they saw nothing of the same. There were those who could see, could feel like himself, but bore a vicious hatred. It was strange, very strange, that this be the case. There were those who would see Catriona and despise her with an intensity awkward to deal with and they would laugh while the bomb purposely placed close by her blew her to pieces.

Albert was feeling a greater pride in what this establishment meant. The world had a contamination upon it, a holy war. What an aberration. What pathetic intent spawned by meaningless rhetoric. Why try and change them? All they will do is respond with the bomb and bullet, so why not just eradicate them once and for all? Little wonder it was raining. Raining… Raining…What the Hell is ‘revenge’? The word often raises its head in the media these days. Revenge for what? Revenge taken against which collectivity? Those…who are merely different? Different than who?  What of the screw and nail-ridden explosive devices intended for our passenger vehicles, buildings, ferries, airplanes. What of the indiscriminate murdering of the beautiful? The beautiful dreams of our women and children made into blood and bone splattered abomination? Political correctness emerges and we have to be…politically correct…or seen to be…don’t we? Who are ‘we’ anyway? Are we of two nations, Britain and America or even five, as Stephen said and with an overriding remit that cuts through all political and ideological association, both within and without? I wonder if there is any tea left?

There was a raven taking a bath in the fountain. It came often and usually at this time.

Regd. copyright (c) 2013 Callassa Media Company. London

Price: $12.00

**currently being represented**


Callassa Media Company

Semper Occultus

Price: £6.20

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