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… do bear with us …

This is a multi-media website for showing extracts from thirty or so books uniquely written by Callassa

It is Callassa’s intention to express herself in the English tradition

There will be no commercial elements

Once immersed you will know precisely why we are doing it this way and what it is exactly that we wish to achieve


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There is a great deal to read about Callassa

and in so doing, spend long hours lost in the most fantastic, depthless and seductive messages of all

In its entirety the content is female oriented. But then,  what is not so? And what is kept secret, and what not? What do we mean by ‘kept secret’?

For now; perhaps you already think your life is unchangeable, has become somehow perfect, your place arrived at understood

Well, read on because there is far, far more to add, quite literally residing in the realms of the infinite …..

You wonder?


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Callassa Spoken Word


Corpus Mulieris in Femina

English Revival Poetry, written by Callassa

This is Great Britain

Here, is the most beautiful place in the world and we have absolutely everything we could possibly wish for so to inspire and support us in this, our fabulous endeavour

Ex amore est omnis insania caeci sunt.


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Callassa Sanctum


Libera te auctoritatem ab odio, amicitia, ira atque misericordia. Cum haec intervenerit, animus vero non judicas, et non servivit umquam unius personae animi motus eodem tempore atque utilitates suas

‘Free yourself from the influence of hatred, friendship, anger and pity. When these intervene, the mind cannot judge truth and no one has ever served their emotions and interests simultaneously’

Gaius Julius Caesar. (100 – 44 BC). Rome

Invicta Veritate



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